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8. Practical matters

Submission of your assignment

You can submit your internship or graduation assignment in this database.

Internship agreement

Interns and graduating students of Fontys University are required to sign an agreement with the company or organisation that provides the internship or graduation project. This agreement establishes such matters as the duration and allowance amount of the assignment.

Working hours / Vacation days

The intern or graduating student is expected to work on his/her assignment for a minimal of 90 working days (internship) or 85 working days (graduation project- fulltime or 75 days (graduation - parttime/OVP) at the company. It is possible that the intern of graduating student may miss days due to sickness or official holidays. These do not count as working days and cannot be included as such. If student has to be at school for an in-between evaluation, this is part of the working days. So, for the intern or graduating student, the school vacation times play no role.


As standard, the intern or graduating student is insured via Fontys for accidents and legal liability in the execution of the internship or graduation project.

Sexual harassment

Fontys does not tolerate any form of sexual intimidation, aggression or violence. It strives to create a safe study/work environment for everyone involved. If an intern or graduating student is unexpectedly confronted with sexual harassment, he/she can contact one of Fontys University’s confidential counsellors (