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Dear reader,

Nice, that you are co-operating with us as a supervisor in the education of ICT professionals in our “smartest region”. Fontys Information and Communication Technology works hard to provide sufficient, well-trained ICT professionals. We cannot achieve this on our own. Therefore, our university works intensively with a large number of companies in the region.

More than 150 companies contribute to innovation in the ICT field as 'Partner in Education' and 'Partner in Innovation', through participation in education and research. They adopt a teaching cycle, evaluate student work, supply cases, equip labs with us, participate in lectures and research and offer excursions. Professional practice is a tangible part of our education. We confront our students with the demands of professional practice. We also work with a large number of companies such as yours that provide internships and graduation projects.

For an overview of our Partners in Education, please see our digital brochure:

Internships and graduation projects are key components in the educational programme. That is why we included background information about the broad bachelor programme HBO-ICT in this brochure. In addition, you will find specific information about how the internships fit within the educational programme. Students are confronted with actual professional practices during their internships. They can optimally experience whether they sufficiently have the necessary competencies and how they need to further improve them. Supervision from school is geared towards having the students work as independently as possible. Mentors/supervisors follow their progress, provide feedback and clearly communicate what the expectations are.

Through this brochure, we inform you of what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. We hope, our students will find a place within your company, where they will learn a lot and where they can optimally develop themselves.

Thank you so much in advance for working with us in the coming period!

Frens Vonken,

Director Fontys Information and Communication Technology