for companies and their supervisorsinternship and graduation

3.3 Characteristics of internship companies and company supervisors

The same criteria apply to both internship and graduation project when it comes to the organisation or company providing internship and company supervisor (the company employee who supervises the student).

Company criteria

Generally speaking, there should be no conflict of interest between the intern or graduating student and the company providing the internship, including, for example, a family-run company. The company must be of sufficient size to ensure that the graduation assignment can be carried out at a high-quality standard.

The company must offer sufficient continuity so that the graduating student or intern’s risk of incompletion throughout the assignment is limited to a minimum, and not be faced with, for example, pending bankruptcy or reorganisation or be led a beginning entrepreneur. The student must have fulltime access to an own, sufficiently facilitated work space. The student must be able to be physically present at the company the majority of the time. The internship or graduation project company must be able to offer the student access to the necessary business information for carrying out the assignment. The student must be able to report on the internship or graduation project in such a way that the

supervising instructor can make a sufficiently thorough assessment of the content and level of the assignment.

In case of sensitive company information, the report can be treated confidentially (see section 7).

Company supervisor criteria

A company supervisor must be appointed by the organisation to supervise the student. The company supervisor should have at least a HBO diploma and work experience in the relevant ICT domain of the student. The company supervisor should have sufficient time available (a minimum of 2 hours per week) in order to be able to provide thorough supervision of the student. At least four days a week, quality content supervision should be made available to the student.