for companies and their supervisorsinternship and graduation

3.2. The graduation project

The graduation project is a life performance; student is required to show the necessary competence as an ICT-er at higher professional education (HBO) level. Just like the internship, the graduation project takes place at the company during the eighth semester of the programme, taking place in the second half of the fourth year and should have a duration of at least 85 business days (17 weeks of five business days).

The graduation assignment

The assignment should correspond with the main study programme, possibly specialisation and level of the student (see section 2) of the student and must contain a research component that illustrates the student’s skills in terms of working methodically at a graduate’s level (see section 4). The graduation assignment should be an integral assignment in which the broadest possible range of skills is demonstrated relating to the chosen main study programme or specialisation. Assignments, directly related to a commercial customer with fixed requirements and/or deadlines are not allowed.

Completion of the graduation project

Upon the completion of the graduation project, it is customary, the student presents his or her project to the company. The formal completion takes place at the university in the form of a graduation session, where the jury will determine a final assessment. The jury consists of two assessors (FSICT instructors, the first being the student’s supervisor) and an external expert as well as the company supervisor who both have an advisory role.

When assessing, not only the input of the portfolio, but also the report will be taken into consideration, but also the (quality of) work, presentation and defense at school. The assessment form comprises both criteria about written and oral communication, research and learning capacity.