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Week 17-19 Evaluation and finalising phase

At the beginning of this phase, the student has to turn in his/her project report and/or portfolio, which should also include a personal evaluation and reflection on his/her assignment as based on the personal development plan.

Also during this phase, a number of finalisation work activities should take place including the transfer of knowledge and the product to the company and a closing presentation as a rehearsal for the formal presentation at FSICT. The company visit also takes place during this stage, and this should preferably include the company presentation. This will be good practice for the formal presentation at FSICT in week 19 or 20 at the session. During this visit, the instructor-supervisor and the company supervisor begin to make their assessment. This will be in the form of an advisory concerning the assessment of the work activities (the A form) which is implemented at the session to determine the final grades. At the advisory assessment, the student is not present, unless lecturer and company instructor decide together to do it differently. The reason is, that it is about an advisory assessment and that the final assessment may be different. The day-accountability form must also be signed for approval at this time.