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2.2 ICT & Infrastructure

Today, users and companies set high standards on information and communication systems. The requirements with regard to reliability (read availability, Integrity and confidentiality) and guaranteeing the continuity of all ICT systems have become increasingly important for companies. In the ICT & Infrastructure bachelor study programme students will be trained as an infrastructure specialist. They will be engineers, who ensure that all information and communication systems work optimally and continue to work on the infrastructure that has been created. Infrastructure specialists also know how to manage, monitor and secure all IT-resources.

Consider also the rapidly changing technology (virtualisation - cloud) and the increase in the complexity of current IT landscapes. New management, monitor tooling and the ongoing further automation of management tasks also play a role in the daily practice of the infrastructure specialist.

In addition to managing existing IT infrastructure, the specialist is also capable of advising on a new infrastructure, designing, testing and realizing it from a set of requirements and new technology. In short, a fascinating spectrum of activities to optimally serve and support ICT systems for companies and their users.