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2.8 ICT & Game Design and Technology

The specialisation ICT & Game Design and Technology distinguishes itself by combining ICT-knowledge with creativity and design. This specialisation is a challenging one in which students work on game projects with other students in teams, for real clients.

In the specialisation ICT & Game Design and Technology students work with state-of-the-art developing platforms (like PC’s, Tablets and SmartPhones) and they will work with the newest interface technology like Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, Brain Computing interfaces. They will use these instruments to develop games in a multi-disciplinary team for real commissioning parties.

Next year will focus on Mobile Gaming (1 semester) and New Technology (1 semester). The courses will make sure students will feel comfortable in the domain of games and they will deal with concepting, 3d design, sound design and tooling.

Whatever they learn in the Game Design and Technology programme is immediately applicable in the field. Depending on their main study programme and their preferences, they will specialise as a gameplay programmer, game/level designer and/or tool developer. Students of Game Design and Technology typically complete their study at companies like Little Chicken Game company, Ranj (our Partner in Education), Vanguard Games, Fantazm, Spil Games and GGZe Gamelabs.