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2.7 ICT & Education

This specialisation is only available for students HBO-ICT Dutch Stream.

Semesters 3, 4, 5 and 7 of this specialisation consist of an internship in the work field and another part, in which students follow education at school. During classes at school they will learn theoretical matters and develop competencies necessary to become teachers in ICT.

We deal with all kinds of practical subjects, such as instructional techniques, theories about learning and assessing, presentation skills, coaching and stimulating learning, educational methods, learning styles, teacher roles etc.

Internships take place at a school for technical professional education mbo, vmbo or in lower secondary education of havo/vwo. We call this workplace learning. At this workplace students teach and practice their educational skills. They are assisted by supervisors of the internship school and assessed by a tutor of Fontys teaching school.

During internships (semester 5) and graduation (semester 8), students develop ICT-solutions for educational matters. They are assisted by teachers of Fontys School of ICT.

After following the full specialisation, students get their diploma HBO-ICT, indicating they are 2nd degree teacher and gradudated as a bachelor of science in the field of HBO-ICT. Graduates may be teachers in vmbo and mbo and lower secondary education of havo and vwo. Also, they can give courses in ICT for businesses.