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2.6 ICT & Cyber Security

The internet has many threats. Because of the many forms of cybercrime, the demand for security specialists who can improve security of computer systems is growing. This work encompasses conducting pentests, digital forensics, setting up monitoring environments and other forms of security engineering.

Students will learn everything about security: the threats, hacking techniques, detection and analysis of its outcomes, as well as possible solutions. In the first semester of the second year, focus will be on ethical hacking. Hacking mind-set will be trained, for instance by conducting pentests. This also improves students’knowledge of network and system technology.

We will also get into how companies handle hacking threats by responsible disclosure policies. In the second semester we will also start working with all kinds of techniques used in network security, like firewalls and intrusion detection systems. We will also get into the non-technical aspects and information security in general.

Examples of professions within the ICS field are pentester, security engineer, network engineer, or (Unix) server manager. Companies involved in education in this field are Rabobank, Snow Unix specialists, KNP, Madison Gurkha, Onsight Solutions and Atos.