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2.5 ICT & Applied Data Science

Never before such large quantities of data have been available as today. Never before people and sensors have produced data with such velocity and variety. In this minor, students will put that Big Data into action using machine learning and visualisation.

If they like puzzling with numbers, programming and if they are not afraid of a bit of practical math, students will certainly enjoy this specialisation. As a successful applied data scientist they are expected to follow a moral compass and approach problems like a pioneer with an open mind. They can handle uncertainties and ambiguities. In short, they are both data-oriented and human-oriented.

The specialisation Applied Data Science prepares students to tackle Big Data problems from beginning to end. In small groups they will work with real, large data sets coming from real companies, who are facing an actual problem or are trying to discover new potential.

In addition, a series of workshops will help them gain knowledge of machine learning algorithms, data infrastructure solutions and topics such as data visualisation and reporting, human behaviour and privacy issues. The workshops assist student group projects and allow them to build a personal portfolio of their skills.

Lots of companies nowadays store as much data as possible, but only few companies make optimal use of these data. Only few people with practical knowledge of Data Science are available to meet the demand. Students will be able to find work as a Data Scientist in a small company, or as a member of a team data science within large companies, or even start up their your own company in Data Science.