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2.10 ICT & Open Innovation

At FSICT our mission is to train adaptive, resilient professionals for any possible IT function. We want to serve students’ personal development and talents as best as we can. In order to do so, we offer an extensive range of already existing study programmes. To complement the package and to incorporate the newest innovations, we offer the open innovation specialisation.

Within certain limits this specialisation is open as to what (content and level) and how (pace and learning style) students are going to learn. As a start they will formulate a personal competence profile in which they specify which skills they want to develop together with the criteria and learning goals with which they are going to show what they have learned.

As a starting point students may want to specify a direction like IoT, Big Data, Encryption, UX or AR/VR. Subsequently they can connect this to a possible context, like healthcare, education or sports. From this starting point they will formulate a personal competence profile and a plan with the help of a coach.

Students will be supervised by a team of teachers, who all act as a source of help. Additionally, the training will encourage students to find their personal talents within the context of ICT.